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"Cry out these things to all, like the very echo of my voice. Let this be known to all because it will help save many souls, and prevent much destruction in the Church, and in the world." (Our Lady to Sister Elena Aiello, 1955)

Monaca Santa

  1. Background:

    From 1940 to 1961, Our Merciful Lord and the Mother of God gave many messages to a stigmatized nun in Italy. Her name was Sister Elena Aiello, of Consenza, Italy. Every Good Friday and on some other occasions, Sister Elena suffered in her body the bloody passion of Our Lord, in much the same manner as Theresa Neumann, Padre Pio and other such chosen "victim souls" -- in reparation. Like them, she also bore the wounds of Christ in her hands, feet and side.

    In 1940, Sister Elena was directed by Our Lord to deliver a message to Premier Benito Mussolini, telling him not to join with Hitler in World War 2. Otherwise, Italy would suffer a terrible defeat and Mussolini would be punished by Divine Justice and have a speedy downfall. But he ignored the warning, and all that was foretold came to pass.

    Most remarkable is some of the message given by Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother to Sister Elena. We have included just a few excerpts of some messages, which were recently published.

  2. April 7, 1950: Our Blessed Mother….. Good Friday

    "Satan reigns and triumphs on earth! See how the souls are falling into Hell. See how high the flames are, and the souls who fall into them like flakes of snow look like transparent embers! How many sparks! How many cries of hate, and of despair! How much pain!

    " See how many priestly souls! Look at the sign of their consecration in their transparent hands! (In the palms of their hands the sign of the cross, in more vivid fire, could be seen!) What torture, My daughter, in My Maternal Heart! Great is My sorrow to see that men do not change! The justice of the Father requires reparation -- otherwise many will be lost!

    " See how Russia will burn!" Before my eyes there extended an immense field covered with flames and smoke, in which souls were submerged as if in a sea of fire!

    " And all this fire," concluded the Madonna, " Is not that which will fall from the hands of men, but will be hurled directly from the Angels (at the time of the great chastisement or 'housecleaning' that will come upon the earth). Therefore, I ask prayers, penance and sacrifice, so I may act as Mediatrix for My Son in order to save souls."


  3. December 8, 1958: Feast of the Immaculate Conception

    " The times are grievous. The whole world is in turmoil because it has become worse than at the time of the deluge! Everything is in suspense, like a thread; when this thread breaks, the justice of God will like a thunderbolt and will complete its terrible course of purification."

    Sister Elena asked, "What will become of Italy?"

    "Italy, My daughter, will be humiliated, purified in blood, and must suffer much, because many are the sins if this beloved country seat of the Vicar of Christ. You cannot imagine what will happen! In those sad days there will be much anguish and weeping. There will be a great revolution, and street will be red with blood.

    "The Pope will suffer much, and all this suffering will be like an agony, which will shorted his earthly pilgrimage. His successor will guide the boat in the tempest.

    "However, the punishment of the impious will not be delayed. That day will be most fearful in the world! The earth will tremble, all humanity will be shaken!"


  4. 1959: The Madonna

    " Russia will march upon all the nations of Europe, particularly Italy, and will raise her flag over the Dome of St. Peter's. Italy will be severely tired by a great revolution, and Rome will be purified in blood for its many sins, especially those of impurity! The flock is about to be dispersed and the Pope must suffer greatly!"

  5. 1961: Good Friday

"People pay no attention to my motherly warnings, and thus the world is falling headlong evermore into an abyss of iniquity. Nations shall be convulsed by terrible disasters, causing destruction and death.

" Russia, spurred on by Satan, will seek to dominate the whole world and, by bloody revolutions, will propagate her false teachings throughout all the nations, especially in Italy. The Church will be persecuted and the Pope and the priests shall suffer much."

"Oh, what a horrible vision I see! A great revolution is going on in Rome! They are entering the Vatican. The Pope is all alone; he is praying. They are holding the Pope. They take him by force. They knock him down to the floor. They are trying him. Oh God! Oh, God! They are kicking him. What a horrible scene! How dreadful!

"Our Blessed Mother is drawing near. Like corpses those evil men fall down to the floor. Our Lady helps the Pope to his feet and, taking him by the are, she covers him with her mantle saying: 'Fear not!'

"Flagstaffs (flying the Red flag over St. Peter's dome and elsewhere) collapse, and power is gone out of the clubs of those evil brutes. These atheists are ever shouting: 'We don’t want God to rule over us; we want Satan to be our master!"

"My daughter, Rome will not be saved, because the Italian rulers have forsaken the Divine Light and because only a few people really love the church. But the day is not far off when all the wicked shall perish, under the tremendous blows of Divine Justice."


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