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Our Lady ... October 2, 1975

Our Lady ... October 2, 1975

"I have warned you that there are now three popes in the city of Rome

(Villot, Benelli, and Casaroli).

I repeat that they have brought forth an imposter, for they have laid low your true Father, Pope Paul VI.

It is the deception of the century!

(The imposter impersonating Paul VI was given the face of Paul VI by plastic surgery.)

"My child, you must have no fear in giving this message to the world. We of Heaven entrust you with this knowledge.

This deception must be exposed to mankind. It is the only way you can prevent the seat of Peter from capitulating and falling under full control of the Antichrist 666 forces.

We have chosen to give this message through you, My child and My children in the United States, because We find that there is much courage in the hearts of your countrymen.


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