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Our Lady ... August 19, 1978

Our Lady ... August 19, 1978

"My children, I hear voices asking in supplication: 'Who will be seated upon the Seat of Peter?' At the present time, I give you this counsel: that an Antipope is being deliberated upon. You must pray and more now. Pray for your Bishops, your Cardinals. The delusion and the darkness is deepening in Rome."

Veronica ...

"Directly over Our Lady's statue, there is forming a great outline of St. Peter's in Rome. I see a sword suspended over St. Peter's, and over the sword I see the tiara of the Papacy, the Papal crown. And now I see blood flowing from a chalice that is beneath the crown; The chalice is between the crown and the hand of the sword which has the form of a cross. The blood is now flowing over the sword onto St. Peter's; and, as it is flowing down, I see the very foundation (of St. Peter's) being shaken, and a (large) division is occurring and many smaller divisions are occurring."

Our Lady . . .

"My child and My children, you must all go forward now as disciples for My Son and warn the world that this division must not take place. A house divided will fall ... "There are many who are being misled-led astray, Remember, My children, the road to Hell is often paved with good intentions. You must not accomplish, or try to accomplish, anything in relation to movements within My Son's Church now, without prayer and direct counsel from Heaven; for Lucifer is waiting to take over the ~eat of Peter. "Before the forming of the coming council-the conclave-, you will all pray daily the beads of prayer, the Rosary, that the Seat of Peter will not be covered in darkness ... The People must now save My Son's Church. This battle upon Earth has now been given to the people. Through the people you will now bring back My Son's Church to its former state of holiness, piety, and numerous entrances into the vocations. Many holy priests are needed.

"Pastors in- My Son's House, I beg you to wash your garments in suffering and prayer, for. you have sullied them in your quest for worldly power and riches. You must divest yourself of all self-seeking, and return My Son's House (to its former state). And you must gather the sheep into one fold, but not at the expense of Tradition ... My children, you will now continue with your prayers of atonement. Pray constantly for your Cardinals in Rome. The outcome of the council will be the deciding focal point for the coming of the Warning and Great Chastisement to mankind." "


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