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Veronica ... July 1, 1974

Veronica ... July 1, 1974

" . . . I see a man on a cross. The cross is lying almost horizontal, and both sides of the cross have long cords ... The cross is being pulled (by the cords) across the sky-there's a roadway. And it's very-strange": the cross is being pulled by clergy, Cardinals and Bishop's. "Now the man on the cross oh!-the man on the cross is the Holy Father, Pope Paul . . .

Our Lady ...

"My child, the scene you have just witnessed is in the present. Our Vicar and your Father on Earth is being crucified by those who have pledged themselves to follow him in obedience. It saddens the hearts of all in Heaven to observe the disobedience of the children on Earth to Our Vicar. These seeds of disobedience have been sown by Satan."


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