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OUR LADY ... APRIL 14, 1973

Our Lady ... April 14, 1973

"Too many years on Earth have been wasted in idle talk. Penance, atonement, and the rules of discipline have been cast aside, weakening souls and opening the doors for the entrance of the evil spirits."

Veronica then saw a very deep hole. Along the walls of the hole, there were rocks glowing orange, and the heat was terrible. Floating around down at the bottom of the cave-like hole were horrible creatures that looked part animal and part human. There were four of them. They had horrible faces, and little ears like those of elves. They were ugly, mean demons. Their fingers were bony and their hands like claws. Then they floated up-up-into the light on Earth. They were looking about with a smug look of satisfaction on their faces, which were horrible, mean and evil.

One of the demons pointed, and Veronica could see St. Peter's in Rome. The demon said: "It will not be long before we shall accomplish our mission." Holding a red hat (a Cardinal's hat) in his hand, he screamed: "I am waiting for my entrance ... I shall sit upon the throne of Peter, and I shall destroy the Church of God!" And he vomited out blasphemies. This was Demon 4.

Then Our Lady came forward, and Michael joined Her. Standing with a large bow in his hands, Michael aimed an arrow at Demon 4 to run him through. But Our Lady interrupted: Our Lady - . .
"No, it is not time. The purification of the world is at hand,"

Then Demon 4 stood beside the door of St. Peter's. He was joined by two men. In shock Veronica watched as the demon seemed to float over and infuse himself into one of the men, entering into him like smoke.

The demon could not be seen now; only the man was visible. Then the man who was infused (possessed by the demon) placed two keys across his chest. They were golden keys, Next to him stood the other man. He wore a red hat, and he had a rope in his hand. He opened the rope and it became a snake. Then the snake curled about the keys, and they melted and formed into a Bishop's crosier, the cane-like staff that Bishop's carry. The snake curled around the staff, and then the snake looked golden.

Our Lady ...

"Powers-Provincials-Money-Money. Destruction of the human soul for worldly gain."

Then Our Lady took Veronica into a bedroom. There were nuns who were nurses in the bedroom. In the bed lay the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. He had on a robe. One of the nurses had a needle. She rolled up the sleeve of the Pope and plunged it into his left arm. The Holy Father looked very sick. With his right hand, he reached over to a table for his crucifix, which he placed across his chest. Then Padre Pio appeared next to the bed. And he came down to Veronica and said:

Padre Pio ... "My spiritual children, hear me for I bring you the word of truth. Demons roam in the houses of God! Prayer must chase them out! Atonement, prayer, and sacrifice! I speak out for (your) imprisoned Vicar."


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