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Our Lady ... March 18, 1974

Our Lady ... March 18, 1974

"I must repeat, for the salvation of mankind, what I have said in numerous messages to the world given through numerous seers: It is a sad fact, but one that cannot be denied, that Satan has entered into the House of God. Throw him out with a constant vigil of prayer, for the Red Hats (Cardinals) have fallen and the Purple Hats (Bishops) are being misled ... (in the past) man sold My Son, and (now) man is again selling My Son, for pieces of silver . . . "

Veronica . . .

"Now it's growing very dark, and Our Lady is pointing over to the right. There's a large Globe, that looks like a Globe of the world. I see a great darkness covering half of the world.

"Now Our Lady is pointing forward to the left side above Her head, (and there's written the word)


Our Lady is pointing upward, and I -see now a figure upon a cross. The figure has on white robes, and on top of the cross on the upward beam- there's a tiara. Oh my goodness, . . it's the papal tiara!

"Now Our Lady is coming forward. She is placing a scarf about Her head; it's a black scarf. And there appeared out of nowhere three candles in a candelabra. Our Lady is bowing Her head ab She is now walking. Now She is holding out the candelabra and pointing to the figure on the cross. The figure on the cross is Pope Paul."


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