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Our Lady ... November 20, 1974

Our Lady ... November 20, 1974

"Come, My child, I wish you to know what is happening in the Eternal City."

Veronica ...

"Now I can see the Holy Father. He's very wan; he looks like he's suffering greatly. He's very tired; he looks so tired. And as I'm watching, he's brushing the tears from his face.

"Now he's joining his hands, and he's walking across the room, and he's kneeling before a beautiful statue of Our Lady. Oh, he's holding his face-he's crying. Now Our Lady is coming over and She's placing Her hand, Her right hand, on his head. I don't think he knows that Our Lady is standing by him. Now She's placing both hands upon his head. Now Our Lady is moving over to the center of the room.

"I-I just feel like I'm rooted to the floor. I can't move over to the Holy Father. I'd like to go over and touch him to console him. But I can't move. Now Our Lady is coming over."

Our Lady ...

"You see, My child, the great trial of your Holy Father. He suffers from the disobedience of those he trusts. His friends--his true friends in Christ-are few."


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