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Veronica ... May 28, 1975

Veronica ... May 28, 1975

" . . . I see a large dome and I know it is (St. Peter's Church in) Rome. There's a large window, and over on the left there's a balcony, and I see Pope Paul standing and waving. He has on a white robe; and a very large Cross-a golden Cross-is suspended from his neck. He's waving now.

"Standing behind him are two men. I know they're Cardinals. But-oh-they're not nice to look at. Oh my! These two men -Cardinals -don't look like they're (in the state of grace). Oh, they look evil.

. "And now writing is appearing on the stones above Pope Paul's head, and arrows are pointing to the two Cardinals:

A Conspiracy of Evil Against The Papacy

Oh my goodness! A conspiracy of evil against the papacy-oh dear!


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