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Our Lady ... September 13, 1975

Our Lady ... September 13, 1975

"For the love of money and worldly living, Our Pastors have given themselves to Satan. Unless they remove themselves from this web of evil created by the money powers of the world, they too will be judged and cast into the Abyss. Many have sold their souls to get to the head.

"A coalition of evil is being formed in the Eternal City, My child. You will pray for Cardinal Villot and Benelli -Giovanni Benelli. My child. you must tell them by letter that their actions are not hidden to the Eternal Father. He has looked upon them and found them wanting. Come out of the darkness now, or you will be cast into the Abyss!

"My child, you must pray much for your great Pastor in Rome, the Holy Father, your Vicar, Pope Paul VI. He suffers much at the hands of his enemies. He is but a prisoner in the Eternal City. The forces of evil are working to remove him, My child."


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