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Veronica ... December 28, 1976

Veronica ... December 28, 1976

"Now as I watch, I see the Vatican being divided,

split ... split by the blood of the Vicar.

Ohh! Ohh! It's very frightening!

Now standing above Saint Peter's in the sky I can see Pope Paul ...

he's very thin and emasculated-looking.

He's holding his hand over his heart, and the blood is flowing down his fingers onto his robe, and down over Saint Peter's.

It's a very frightening sight!

"Now over on the right side, the left side of Pope Paul,

the sky is getting brighter, and there's a huge eagle now

forming in the sky coming out from back in the sky.

And the eagle is almost black in appearance,

and there's a voice shouting like a screeching sound:

'Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth!'

"Now over on the left side of the sky, directly above the first tree branch, there is an angel standing.

The angel is dressed in a long white gown, and he has in his hand a horn, a very strange looking instrument.

It has a very long and rounded cup at the end, a long stem with a rounded cup. And he's starting to raise his horn to his mouth, and I can hear a blast coming out of it.

It's a very frightening type of sound; it gives me a feeling of gathering of forces, like a war about to start.

"Now the sky is becoming very dark; everything is disappearing.

It seems to be like evaporating from both sides of the sky and Our Lady is coming forward directly over Her statue ...

Our Lady is bowing Her head sadly as though She is Saying 'yes ... yes.

Our Lady . . .

"My child, symbolism mystifies you for a time,

but you will understand all."


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